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When Disaster Strikes

Everyone including first responders are in utter turmoil and lives are upside down.

DisasterHelp.Online was developed to help Property Owners and Small Business Operators Recover from Disasters.

Disaster Services With Professional Vendors That Won’t Rip You Off

We are a Private Sector Network that connects Verified Service Providers with Victims in Blighted Areas.

Our Service Cost Nothing To Use and Money Can Be Placed in Escrow Until Work is Complete!


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How Our Process Works:

Warning To Victims Of Disaster Stricken Regions

Being based in South Louisiana, we have gone through our fair share of disasters and the repercussions of the aftermath. If would be in your best interest to do your “Due Diligence” before hiring someone that shows up out of nowhere and wants to “work” on your property, not after.

Just because someone appears to be legit and acts like they have a genuine interest in helping you out doesn’t always turn out good.  Most of these crooks are professionals, that’s what they do for a living. Under no uncertain terms should you give anyone money upfront nor personal information like your insurance provider, banking or credit card info.

If you have to start the rebuilding process immediately, it would be in your best interest to follow a plan similar to these guidelines. If they need materials, you should pay for the materials yourself when it’s delivered. As far as compensating your new “best friend”, make an arrangement that they are paid daily or even better, in milestones as work is completed.

Having purchased 10 properties in Chalmette, LA after Katrina and having a rental property in Long Beach, MS that also flooded, was nothing less than a nightmare. Not only was it the wild wild west with con-artists and unskilled self-proclaimed professionals, but thieves ran rampant as well. It was the same for Andrew, just not as prevalent then. Don’t get us wrong, there are some good people out there that will do the right thing but they are difficult to find in the beginning stages of a disaster-stricken area.

If you want to try to salvage some or all of your belongings, do it as soon as you are able to get to your property because there will be people out scouting for items during the day and robbing at night. The copper in your home is also something that they will want to steal to sell at recycling stands that pop up in many areas.

Here is a news story from FOX25 that you should watch as well: FEMA warns of disaster relief scams https://okcfox.com/news/local/fema-warns-of-disaster-relief-scams 

For what it’s worth

Depending on the damage and of course your situation, you can get longer lasting materials these days to protect the exterior from the elements if you can wait until proper repairs are aligned. If flooding was an issue, then the property should be gutted immediately and get dehumidifiers running asap so you have a less chance of having a mold issue.

If your home is unlivable, consider moving to another area (sometimes being displaced is not an option) or purchase a camper to live on the property for 12-18 months. FEMA Trailers may be available in your area (http://femahandbook.com/51/how-to-apply-for-fema-trailers/) If not, purchasing your own is a better option anyway.  If you don’t have the resources, you can finance a used one that is suitable for your situation then you can always sell it after your property is rebuilt. There are also ways to rent RV’s today from individuals which is also another option.

Not having to jump on the first settlement offer and waiting for the outrageous prices to relax can help your outcome tremendously. You will be able to get better quality everything at much cheaper prices, including materials, along with labor and help out your local community.

You may need help with your insurance settlement

Twenty of Florida’s top home insurance companies have been served with approximately 10,933 lawsuits so far between January 1st and March 31st, 2018 https://insurance-claims.usattorneys.com .  An insurance company is just like any other business, they want to make a profit. Paying less for a settlement means they make more money. That’s why a Public Adjuster/Law Firm can USUALLY get you a much better settlement in most cases; they work on your behalf, not the insurance company. We can help you with this as well.

Why Work With Us?

As the president of Class-Action Claim Services LLC, we dispersed over $15,000,000 to property owners in a class action against a Hardboard siding manufacturer that was settled in the beginning of 1998. Our company settled claims for over 5000 property owners that either tried to submit a claim or weren’t awarded a settlement for whatever reason. Many weren’t even aware that they qualified as a claimant.

Being based in South Louisiana, we have been involved in many facets of the rebuilding phase and the risk involved in having been exposed to rip-off artists after Andrew and Katrina. Our goal is to be the Safe Haven for both contractors and the property owners.

Our Services Are Free For The Public

We’ll keep you updated on when Our Verified Service Providers Reach Your Area Should You Ever Need Help!

When disaster strikes, the public needs a place to turn immediately. We have developed the Disaster Help program to become part of your contingency plan to deliver support for you and your family right away!

By becoming a free member now, we will prioritize your communication with us to expedite the services in an emergency situation. Don’t be left without anyone to turn to when a crisis happens!

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