Did Your Insurance Settlement Leave You Short?

First, understand that an insurance company is a business, and like any business, their goal is to make profits.

Some insurance companies set their target to pay you 25-50 cents on the dollar and a few will even try to pay you nothing at all. 

We get paid only on additional monies we get above and beyond of what they offered to settle so you can’t lose.




Our Network of PUBLIC ADJUSTERS Work for You. Never the Insurance Company.


Our Private Adjuster Network will review your case and we’ll let you know if your insurance settlement was fair.

Even if a settlement has already been issued, you may still be entitled to additional money with no out of pocket to you the property owner.

If your claim has been denied altogether,  your case will be evaluated at absolutely no charge whatsoever.

In Some States, Reopening your Insurance Claim is your Legal right for up to 5 years!

Below is a list of states that qualify for addendums  

What States allow Licensed Public Adjusters?

44 states and the District of Columbia have a form of statutory and/or regulatory scheme for licensing public adjusters.  Alaska, South Dakota, and Wisconsin do not.

What states allow addendums to insurance claims?

A claim is that which happens after a loss occurs and the insurance company is adjusting it – there could be no change to the contract/policy once the claim has occurred for the specific claim, however, all states allow and have endorsements amongst all commercial and personal policies.  It’s how they “personalize” coverage to the needs of each individual consumer. For example – on a Homeowner or Renter’s policy you can add a jewelry endorsement to cover specified jewelry up to a specific dollar amount. You can change your contents coverage from actual cash value to replacement cost value or named peril to open peril – all this happens through endorsements.

For how many years after a claim? (each state)

The endorsement remains in force until the expiry of the policy and may renew under the same terms and conditions as the rest of your policy. The exception to this is if the endorsement specifies a specific term which the endorsement is valid.

What hurricanes hit the US in the past five years?

In 2017, Hurricane Harvey, Irma, and Maria were some of the worst in the past five years.  In total, the 2017 hurricane season cost the United States $200 billion (including hurricane Nate’s damage cost).  Hurricane Harvey affected Rockport, Texas and Hurricane Irma affected southern Florida, both hitting the coasts at over 130 miles per hour.  Hurricane Maria affected Puerto Rico at greater than 155 miles per hour.

What is a Public Adjuster all about?


An insurance company is like any business, their goal is to make profits.

A public adjuster is an insurance claims specialist that works for you (the policyholder) to help you understand your policy, assess damages, determine repair or replacement costs, and will negotiate with your insurance company for a claims adjustment until your claim is settled.

Claims adjusters have different levels of experience but almost all of them specialize in insurance claims.  You will also find adjusters that specialize in different types of claims. If you want the most help as possible on an insurance claim, you must find a loss adjuster that has the knowledge and experience for your specific situation.

Public insurance adjusters only work for you. They are there on your behalf, not the insurance company. With that being said, it also means that you will have to pay their fees yourself.  Insurance companies will not pay to have a public claims adjuster work on your claim. Claims adjustment settlements can be up to 70% more than what the insurance company originally offered and their fees are usually not paid until a settlement is reached.


There are some adjusters that are much better than others. Much of this comes down to the level of experience that an adjuster has, but there are other factors to consider as well.

If you have experienced property damage/loss from flood, fire, or smoke damage, hail storm damage, or water damage from a flood, then several public adjusters may have already contacted you. Don’t go with the first adjuster you meet.  Do your research so you can find the best one that fits your situation/needs. An insurance claim requires someone with a high level of expertise and communication.

Remember, you are the client and you have the final say. Your voice and opinions are very important.  Don’t let anyone including the public adjuster pressure you into settling your claim. If you don’t feel your public adjuster is a good fit, you have the right to change adjusters.

We Get The Assistance YOU Need.

Through the connectivity of our network partners, we get connected to vetted professionals that will evaluate your case for additional compensation without any out of pocket expense to you.

Our service doesn’t cost you anything extra as a property owner, We are compensated stickily on our performance by our network partners. if we don’t get additional compensation for you, we don’t get paid!

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          As the president of Class-Action Claim Services LLC. We dispersed over $18,000,000 to property owners in a class action against a Hardboard siding manufacturer that was settled. Our company alerted over 5000 property owners that either tried to submit a claim and wasn’t awarded a settlement for whatever reason. Many weren’t even aware that they qualified as a claimant.

Don’t be a victim twice, we will help you get your full settlement with no out of pocket expense to you if you qualify.

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