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Disasters Happen,

Get Back On Your Feet Now!


Free Yourself From Conventional Banking Practices

Get Money You Need From Online Lenders Now

Disaster Help Funding Programs

Waiting on Help to arrive is an issue these days.

If you need help with some quick cash, home repairs or need to get your business back up and running,  we have online lenders that are standing by.

Trying to get a conventional bank loan is getting to be a thing of the past.

Our network of lenders can provide funding in as little as 24 hrs with minimum qualifications and money is deposited directly in your account.

We’ll Help You Find & Forge Your Own Path

Personal Loans

Unexpected expenses happen when disasters strike.  Let us help relieve your stress and get you back to living your best life with a personal loan.

Property Repairs

Insurance company taking too long to pay the disaster claim on your property?  Get a loan now to start your home/business repairs today.

Business Loans

The faster you get your business back up and running after a disaster the better.  Get a business loan to help make that happen now.

Think About Safety First,

It’s tragic to see people stranded on the side of the road during an evacuation. Some stay behind because of money issues and some just ignore the warning.

Hurricane Katrina was one of the deadliest hurricanes ever to hit the United States. An estimated 1,833 people died not only in the hurricane but also in the flooding that followed.

According to an article on https://money.cnn.com in 2017, six out of ten people in America don’t even have access to $500 cash. We all know that the media tries to sensationalize their broadcasts to get the ratings up, but don’t wait until the last minute to get out.

The danger is real and tornados can spring up without warning and once the roads are flooded, it is too late. Your top priority should be to keep your family safe.

Don’t Be A Victim Twice

Con-men and Con-women posing as Contractors and Service Providers come out of the woodwork. Some of them will even bill your insurance company with fake services that can create more issues for the policyholder going forward.  

Be very careful with whom you deal with when it comes to a stranger trying to sell you on their services. If you must get your property repaired right away, ask for references and check them out thoroughly. Never give them money up front, you have the odds stacked against you that you will get ripped off.

It may be in your best interest to utilize a drone service to document exterior damages if needed or find someone that can climb a ladder and video roof damage along with the entire property.

You can protect the property from the elements with longer lasting materials until proper repairs are aligned. For example, blue tarps are loose and start to fail after a short period of time. There is now a new technology called shrink wrap that is going to last much longer and seals your roof making it watertight.

We provide the property owner with access to online reputable service providers on our homepage https://disasterhelp.online

Our goal is to provide a Safe Haven for everyone involved in the rebuilding phase without totally depending on government entities.

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